Utah going nuke for electricity

A consortium of cities in four western U.S. states have voted in favor of moving forward with a plan to build a demonstration small modular reactor (SMR) power plant in Idaho, which if successful, could lead to a six-reactor project coming online by 2030 and providing carbon free power.

The article says that over 40% of electricity comes from solar, wind, hydro and nuclear. Who knew? Thats quite a chunk. It goes on to say that the nuclear option is on the rise here…doc


It is not hard for Utah to have so much solar, wind and hydro.

Please do not count your nuke chickens before they are hatched. Dozens of nukes have been cancelled before construcction start and dozens have been cancelled in the muddle (middle) of construction. Recent history: Summer 2&3 in South Carolina were cancelled with constuction over 30% compplete and $ billions spent.


It is true that nuclear has been a dying industry for the last 30 years or so. But, just recently the first NEW nuclear facility has begun the startup process:

Nuclear has its problems but could play a major role in our energy future.


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Only if nuclear stops being so expensive and stops taking so long to build.


That’s the idea behind these small reactors. But, I share your skepticism and also I think it’s worth trying.

Key is finding a permanent solution for nuclear waste. Having a few big reactors or a bunch of mini-reactors doesn’t change this need either.