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I was kindly wondered to re-balance my portfolio from having all stocks, i was considering adding in an ETF such as Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF. Which tracks the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index. I kindly wondered please if anyone knows anything with better returns than this or a dividend style ETF please to help balance out my portfolio please? If anyone kindly had any thoughts on this i would be forever grateful and thankful for your support with this, it would mean the world to me.

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The S&P 500 Index is a good choice and Vanguard is well known for their low expense ratios.

Tech stocks have been doing very well. You might get better returns in some of those but they are more volatile. So maybe some of your funds in some of those but certainly not all.

The Nasdaq 100 index QQQ is often mentioned. Another is the Philadelphia Semiconducter Index. I prefer the SOXX etf but there are several. Or you can look at etfs like XLK.

Try one and see how it does for you. Or maybe monitor for a while and keep an eye on it.


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I will kindly look into these ETFs further so thank you for mentioning this. The Nasdaq 100 index QQQ looks like it could be very interesting. I was kindly looking at the iShares Select Dividend ETF DVY which has a huge dividend, however the ETF has not done well over this past year. I please wondered if this would be an interesting ETF for income and hopefully the increase in the ETF stock price? If you kindly had any thoughts on this i would be forever grateful and thankful, it would mean the world to me.

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I hesitate to advise on DVY. I know nothing about it. Other boards might get more responses. Best overall is usually Retirement Investing. There is a Dividend Growth board. There is also an etf board but it seems inactive.

When markets are uncertain people like dividend stocks as the yield tends to support the share price. But rising interest rates give yield competition and pushes price down. In theory best time to buy is when interest rates peak.

Some people buy dividend stocks for retirement income. Some companies have a long history of increasing their dividend. That helps keep income rising. Thats what dividend growth investing is all about.

Vanguard has all sorts of low-expense-ratio ETFs for various purposes.

For example:
VIG - Dividend Appreciation ETF, for dividend raising stocks.
VUG - Growth ETF, for growth stocks
VYM - High Dividend Yield ETF, for high dividend stocks
VOO - S&P 500 ETF, very popular S&P500 index ETF
VTI - Total Stock Market ETF, popular total stock market ETF
and many, many others, see here.

The returns vary with market sentiment. There’s no way to say one is generally better than the other. Sometimes total stock market outperforms S&P500, and sometimes vice versa. They all vary with time, and all have their own associated risks. The one thing that wide market ETFs provide is diversification, so concentration risk is limited. Specific industry ETFs will still have some level of concentration risk, of course.

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