Several of us here own this fast growing SaaS company that support drug research companies. They have a decent land and expand model, having created some new services that have been well adopted.

This is how Yahoo profiles them The company offers Veeva Commercial Cloud, a suite of multichannel customer relationship management applications, data solutions, and master data management solutions; and Veeva Vault, a cloud-based enterprise content management applications for managing commercial functions, including medical, sales, and marketing, as well as research and development functions, such as clinical, regulatory, quality, and safety. It also provides professional and support services in the areas of implementation and deployment planning and project management; requirements analysis, solution design, and configuration; systems environment management and deployment services; services focused on advancing or transforming business and operating processes related to Veeva solutions; technical consulting services related to data migration and systems integrations; training on its solutions; and ongoing managed services that include outsourced systems administration.

reported earnings the last night and crushed expectations.

On a year-over-year basis, Veeva earnings, adjusted for one-time items, rose 80%. Sales increased 27%. Subscription services sales of $178.2 million jumped 25% vs. last year.

For you TA fans, it is near a pivot point ($98.38) on a double bottom base

Great growth rankings:
Composite Rating 99 Pass
EPS Rating 99 Pass
RS Rating 94 Pass
Group RS Rating A- Pass
SMR Rating A Pass
Acc/Dis Rating C Pass


Puddinhead42 et al

Ok I’ve mentioned this before and I don’t believe I have non public knowledge other than my 14 years experience at IMS Health now IQVIA which I left in 16/17 but the competitive position is worth watching.

The main competitor to Veeva is IMS/IQVIA that acquired cegedim back in the day.

Leaving aside the law suit between IQVIA and Veeva over integration of One Key and the copycat version of Veeva - Open Key; IQVIA has completely rebuilt their CRM and is:

  1. Now built on SFDC (just like Veeva) and is latest grade cloud based technology.

  2. Built as an overall Omnichannel integrated sales and marketing suite (Orchestrated Customer Engagement).

  3. Built with IMS data and AI capabilities built in

  4. Aggressively priced and promoted

I’m not getting into whose mouse trap is better but it might be worth watching some of the news flow from IQVIA where they have recently announced 3 wins:
Novo Nordisk

It seems as though IQVIA is aggressively making a comeback beyond the old French clientele of the old Cegedim solution.

If you are interested in VEEVA do monitor IQVIA’s progress!



I liquidated and took profits on my VEEV today to focus on my larger IQVIA position. Thanks for the post.

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Ant, thanks for the info, will watch it.

Here is what IBD says, IQV is strong:

#7 in its group (Medical-Research Eqp/Svc Group)
Composite Rating 97 Pass
EPS Rating 90 Pass
RS Rating 91 Pass
Group RS Rating A Pass
SMR Rating B Pass
Acc/Dis Rating B- Pass

and VEEV
#1 in group (Computer Sftwr-Medical Group)
Very strong…

Composite Rating 99 Pass
EPS Rating 99 Pass
RS Rating 95 Pass
Group RS Rating A- Pass
SMR Rating A Pass
Acc/Dis Rating C+ Pass


Ant, Iqvia just made Morgan Stanley’s “best growth stocks”, as did Veeva



Interesting. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. I’ve held on to some of my IQVIA stock but sold down quite a bit. I had heard that leadership believe in current state fair market price is targeted to be ~$145 but that also they might consider one more mega acquisition - don’t quite know what’s left for them to buy (maybe Cerner maybe a distributer or maybe VEEVA I guess).

Anyhow today they announced the owners are selling more stock and forcing the company to buy back. So the nice rich private equity are doing what they do best, loading the company with debt and forcing the company to buy their insider stakes at the top of the market. Nice if you can arrange it but not too shareholder friendly for the rest of the holders.

The exit is not clear. It may involve a trade sale or maybe a gradual sell down. The PE ownership has gone on longer than was envisaged - they probably because they are addicted to the cash flow, partly because cost and merger synergies, partly because Ari has managed the entity to perfection from their point of view.

Whatever the exit though I would offer 2 pieces of advice:

  1. If Ari leaves - it will be a bell ringing the top of the market for sure. Very often when PE exits company performances tail off, however from Ari’s point of view he is making a killing. With his package of $30m a year, higher than anyone in the industry, him leaving has got to mean that the future doesn’t hold as much promised. If Ari exits then sell out.
  2. Be very careful following IQVIA in 3 respects: i) How IQVIA describes its business; ii) How it makes YoY and like for like comparisons and iii) The timing and nature of acquisitions or corporate actions. Whilst the actual net net performance and finances of the business are absolutely real and genuine and it is a solid company, the points above obfuscate the reality, (management & investor communications aim to achieve maximum valuation).

I don’t want to say too much in a public forum but if you want my thoughts around this message me off the board.


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"I liquidated and took profits on my VEEV today to focus on my larger IQVIA position. Thanks for the post. "

not sure what trigger you to do that? is it about consolidation of your portfolio?

or do you think IQVIA has better prospects?