When I first saw my house I looked at the wide, open, unobstructed south-facing roof and knew it should have solar panels. When I sold my old house and had the cash* one of the first things I did was order a Tesla solar installation with 2 powerwalls. They sized it as 12.24 kW, pretty much filling up the roof.

I started the process last July. Every month or so I would inquire, mostly hearing back about supply chain issues. More recently they told me that the original design was based on panels that simply are not obtainable, so it would have to be redesigned. Fair enough. Today I was informed what the new design looks like.

(Insert assorted expletives here.)

The electric company would not allow the equivalent of old design because it would deliver far more than my historical usage. The new design is for 4.8 kW, a 61% reduction. Talking with Tesla Solar there are other things they can factor in, such as that I now drive Tesla and charge at home. It would be short sighted to under equip a three bedroom, 2144 square foot house because it is currently occupied by one person, but I am not sure logic counts. In any case they have to run the numbers again with some updated information. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for letting me… express myself.

*(It turns out that they offered me financing at 1%, so I didn’t have to wait to have the cash, but that is immaterial to the issue at hand.)


Oh, that kind of venting. I thought we were talking about plumbing or HVAC again. :slight_smile: