Victim of crime?

I wonder what is behind this? Is it just lax standards at Boeing or is there something else? I remember reading that Boeing were the biggest exporter from the USA, if true this is bad news:

There has been some evidence management penalized or dissuaded in some idiotic ways workers from committing to quality.

One thing in my workplace, when mistakes are made no one is penalized. The mistake is accepted by management as management’s. That means with the resources of the company workers are not the issue in mistakes. The resources are more than large enough to move forward in good faith.

There was not a lot of good faith at Boeing. MBAs penny wise pound foolish.

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Designed by clowns:

Someone needs to get a grip on this. It must be the USA’s major aircraft producer. Could any company step in its shoes?

Airbus? 9876…

The Captain

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Nope, no-one in the US. McDonnell-Douglas let the Douglas commercial division wither, as the McDonnell division leeched off the government. Lockheed shared a duopoly with Douglas in the 50s, dropped out of commercial in the 60s, tried to reenter in the 70s, then fell back to leeching off the government.

Outside of the US, beside Airbus, Russia had a large commercial aircraft industry, and China is trying to establish an airliner industry, but both may meet some resistance in some markets, like the US. Embraer competes in markets below where Boeing and Airbus operate. Saab operates in the twin turboprop market. The other surviving airframe companies in Europe were pulled together in Airbus. Mitsubishi liquidated it’s aircraft division in 2023.

The most important factor is Boeing management doesn’t seem to care about it’s position in commercial. I have posted the numbers before, showing the decline of commercial as a percent of Boeing’s business, as well as it’s falling market share vs Airbus. The “JCs” moving HQ to the metro DC area is confirmation of the facts in the numbers. They don’t care about commercial, competition is too hard for them, so their plan is to leech off the government, and they care not one whit if Airbus has a monopoly in the commercial segment.

Boeing is not unique in Shiny businessland. Ford CEO Farley, having already exited the conventional passenger car and small CUV segments, now says he wants to withdraw from the two row SUV market, because competing in that segment is too hard. He wants to withdraw Ford to only huge, three row, SUVs, and trucks, and he cares not one whit about volume or market share.