Village Farms Presentation

I like Village Farms. There are a lot of reasons.

30 years of making money growing tomatoes leaves you knowing how to run a lean organization.

The float is too small for even a small player like Saul to get into. This leaves the way open for value to be scooped up by really really small investors like me.

What I don’t like.

As a Canadian company in getting into the Cannabis business some of the information is actively hidden from U.S. investors.

This updated investor power point is out.

They have received the grow license, it was a week or so late.

They have not completed the conversion, this is more than a week or so late.

Here is the updated Power Point. The only real change I see is that they received the grow license.…

The 4th quarter results are not yet released and the conference call is not yet scheduled. The last I heard they were targeting March 19, but this is tentative.

I would expect some violatility in the next couple of weeks.