Visiting Shiloh Battlefield Park

I’m not sure exactly when but I’m planning a trip to Shiloh. Possibly next April. It’s one of the few civil war battlefields I haven’t visited.

Does anyone here have suggestions for lodging - Corinth or Savannah? I would like to plan for four days so are there other places in the area I should see? I know there’s a handmade broom shop near by that I want to visit.

AC any suggestions


Both of those towns are tiny; I believe Savannah is larger and might be a slightly better bet if you’re looking for a chain hotel. There’s also the lodge at Pickwick Landing state park:

I haven’t been to Shiloh since the late 80’s, but there are some river locks at Pickwick that some people find interesting, as well as Pinson Mounds state park not too far away (although if you don’t want to make that drive, there are some mounds inside Shiloh). There’s also the usual smattering of “that one kinda-sorta-famousish person from here” museums around, like Buford Pusser and Casey Jones, and I’ve heard there’s a small movie car museum around there somewhere.

I like to check Roadside America for anything quirky I might want to see

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