$VWAGY EVs Outsell $TSLA in EU for 2nd Yr

I was not aware that $TSLA was third in EV sales this past year in the EU. I thought they were 4th or 5th. The numbers do not combine VW’s hybrid numbers. This are EV sales only and VW is on top again:


With this sales volume, Volkswagen reached a 25% share of all the electric cars sold in Europe in 2021, a leadership it also had in 2020. Although the Model 3 was the best-selling EV in the continent last year, it was not enough for Tesla to reach a market share larger than 13.9%, with close to 168,000 cars. Thanks to the title of this article, you already know that this was not enough for Tesla to retain second place.

Tesla sold in Europe are mostly made in China. We shall see what happens when Tesla opens its plant in Berlin.