wall unit air condtioner for condo

Have a new frigidare wall unit air condtioner.
Is it more wear on it, by turning on and off or leaving on econ and raising temperature so it stops because getting too cool, then lowering later to bring on cool again?

There are two energy consumers in an air conditioner: the fan and the compressor. By far it’s the compressor which sucks the most energy. It also sucks even more energy when starting up before it gets into cycle and runs.

That’s also the most common time for the compressor motor to fail: during startup when it’s coming on in one of those cycles.

Whether you leave the fan running or not the compressor is going to turn on and off; that’s how it makes the air cold. So you can leave the fan running or not (it will not change much in the room except make the air move a little - but at much more noise and less efficiency than a ceiling fan.)

Your best route, I would say, is to find a temperature you are comfortable at and leave the A/C set there. Dialing it up and down doesn’t really accomplish anything that the thermostat inside already does.