Walmart -- prices charged not as shown on shelf

(Borrowed from Facewbook)

Brooke Crego


For anyone that shops at Walmart…listen up…

I went there tonight to get a few grocery items and then went thru the self-checkout. I noticed that some items rang up higher than they were posted at on the shelf. Before I left, I told the door man I was leaving my buggy to go check some of the prices on the aisles. I took a pic of a couple of them and then came back and asked for a manager. I, then, told the manager that they were ringing up higher than they actually were. He told me that items were more expensive now and that’s why. I told him that they needed to then go to the shelves and change them because they were overcharging people and that’s deceptive. He THEN said, “well my boss told me that when that happens, we just give you 10% off. I’ll fix it for you THIS TIME but not in the future”.

Are you kidding me? You are secretly raising the prices on the computer and hoping no one notices?? SO….BEWARE!! Check your prices on the shelves AND when you’re checking out! REPOSTED