Way OT? Plastiglomerates

“We talk so much about the Anthropocene, and this is it,” Santos said, referring to a proposed geological epoch defined by humans’ impact on the planet’s geology and ecosystems.

"The pollution, the garbage in the sea and the plastic dumped incorrectly in the oceans is becoming geological material … preserved in the earth’s geological records."

We live in our own petri dish.


Pollution costs money. Lets cut costs!

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There was a time when oxygen was pollution, now it’s indispensable for life. It’s amazing what Mother Gaia can do with the worst garbage when left to her own devices.

The Captain
recycles plastics

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A good step in the right direction. I believe in recycling on the individual level but that will never be enough because it is too expensive to recycle. The garbage collection industry in reality lies and does not recycle.

This is the better step in the right direction. Frankly we should regulate this meaning insist on this.


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