We Take Solace Where We Can

After two viciously down days last Friday and this past Monday - I decided to pour cash into double sized Trading Blocks. Along with todays rally and with the size of the over allocations making me even more jumpy than I usually am - I unloaded the following TBs this morning:

  1. Bill - Purchased late in the day 6/13 and sold today for +8.11%% gain

  2. SNOW - Purchased 6/13 and sold today for +5.81% gain

  3. S - Purchased late in the da 6/13 and sold today for +11.48% gain

  4. DOCN - Purchased late in the day 6/13 and sold today for +7.78% gain

Feel much better now as the trading blocks added were way, way too big and in the 25-30% range. Not really risky per se - but a little further out from my comfort zone. Not only that - I broke my own rule of maximum 15% on TBs. Gotta to watch that.

All the Best,


Decided to go ahead and wipe the portfolio TB slate clean. Wasn’t as nice profit as earlier TB actin - but it pulled the portfolio back into intended allocations and restored the cash reserve.

All purchased on Monday 6/13 and double in size of the usual 10-15% TBs:

  1. MDB for +4.33%

  2. ZS for +4.48%

  3. MDB for +6.05%

Looking back - Monday’s action was not simply adding TBs but a full scale raid ACB doubling down (and sometimes a little more) on our fallen angel companies. Worked extravagantly well this time in only a couple of days but I think I will stick to the 10-15% rule going forward. That way…I don’t have to pay extra attention to things in an effort to get things sorted out - and I can drink more wine.

All the Best,