Welchian management and rattletrap planes

Do Boeing honchos fly in their own planes, or in a Gulfstream?



Even the airline CEOs generally fly private, rather than subject themselves to the company equipment.

If you can afford to avoid it, why would you subject yourself to commercial airline travel?


Especially nice if someone else (aka the shareholders) is picking up the tab.

Back in the day when I worked for a Fortune 500 company, they owned 3 planes. 2 were for the exclusive use of the top 2 officers for when they flew to their vacation homes each weekend (er, I mean flew to customers who just happened to be near their vacation homes. Right.). I flew on the 3rd plane one time when the Treasurer was doing a facility visit at a subsidiary I was auditing. He invited me to fly back home with him. It was quite luxurious and no cattle shuffle to get on board. Shrimp cocktail, anyone? The only downside was I had to pretend I was working the whole way home.

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That reminds me of that corrupt Chris Christie ally David Samson who was Chairman of the Port of New York & New Jersey. He apparently used his power to force United Airlines to reinstate a Friday afternoon direct flight from Newark Airport to Columbia SC where he had a vacation home. He didn’t get any jail time, but was forced to resign.

Ex-Port Authority Chair Pleads Guilty in United Airlines Probe – NBC New York