Welchism at Ford Motor

All top down information flow. Management makes demands. Does not want input from the Proles.

The next day, however, some dealers who attended Ford’s larger make meeting left disgruntled after executives offered few specifics on hot-button issues such as electric vehicles or quality improvements. The officials also failed to take questions from the dealers, in a break from the company’s standard practice.

At a time when dealer trust levels in Ford have plummeted, some retailers had hoped to ask about the EV certification program and recall concerns but were surprised to not get an opportunity.

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How bad are Fords these days? This is the newly released J D Power three year reliability ranking. I notice that VW, which is following the same business model as Ford: drop the lower priced models, charge an arm and a leg for what is left, while tanking quality, is even lower. Compare the rankings for Chevy and Buick to that of Ford and Lincoln.


Is that chart really saying that the best auto manufacturer produces cars with 1.35 problems? On average! Is there an explanation/definition of “problems” somewhere?


JD Power has a list of 184 problems or vehicle defects that they track. The “infotainment system” is a major source of problems across the industry. That’s why I don’t want my new car to duplicate any functionality that I already have on my smartphone.




The number you reference would be 135 problems per 100 cars reported. So, the average Lexus would make one or two trips to the shop for repairs, in the first three years of ownership. A Ford, at 239, would make two or three trips in the same time frame. So you can interpret that as “pfft, only one more trip to the shop”, or “spending twice as much time dragging the thing to the shop”.

Here is the full report.


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Elon and Musk are two known problems. :clown_face:

I wonder if over-the-air and go-to-the-shop are rated equally.

The Captain


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. This is the same issue as calling an OTA update a recall. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if all OTA updates were treated as problems even though some of them were enhancements.