Welchism's gift to Boeing

Another big revenue miss, another Billion Dollar loss, negative equity again exceeds $15B after some recovery last year, they still can’t get anything built on schedule.

Boeing stock drops toward 17-month low after much wider-than-expected loss, big revenue miss




Yep but it is not cheap enough to be a deal.

Yep but it is not cheap enough to be a deal.

How far did GE fall before they fell into reverse split territory?


Is there a database of members of Board of Directors of corporations? Avoiding the Welch acolytes might be a valuable investing tool…

About a third of my family proudly worked for Boeing over the last century, beginning with Grandma as a secretary and my Dad’s two sisters building B17s and B29s. The last family member to work for Boeing was Uncle Bud, a “hot” naval fighter pilot (probably made the only landings of a Super Crusader on an aircraft carrier) and engineering design Naval Admiral (led and championed the design of the first Harpoon missiles) later became a Boeing VP where he was of the team that championed going all digital in design, a decision that was decisive for the Dreamliner, perhaps Boeing’s last great plane.

We ALL hated Welch and the BofD that put him in power.

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