Welcome to the METAR Board!

Well, METARs, the new system seems to be operating. I guess it will take some getting used to, but it’s probably not rocket science.

The MacroEconomic Trends And Risks (METAR) Board is devoted to large (Macro) economic changes that change the risk balance of stocks, bonds, real estate and any other investment category in the U.S. and internationally. Posts about individual investments (e.g. a particular company’s stock) are also welcome.

METAR seeks a balance of many investment approaches to prevent “information cascades” where we all agree with each other. Most METARs are experienced and somewhat skeptical investors but newbies are also welcome.

Board rules are strictly enforced. We maintain a cordial, rational discussion board.

  1. No partisan politics! Mention of political parties, politicians and political movements (e.g. conservative, progressive, etc.) are not allowed. Posts will be pulled. No mention of proposed laws that are being considered UNTIL THEY ARE ACTUALLY PASSED AND SIGNED INTO LAW since those tend to be very partisan and usually aren’t passed in their interim forms anyway.

  2. No personal insults or trolling.

  3. No religious proselytizing.

METAR is an acronym for a type of aviation weather report. METARs often try to forecast the investment weather…but these forecasts tend to be as reliable as most weather reports. :wink:

I look forward to many years of discussion.



Thanks @WendyBG I added a snippet from your post and linked it in the category description… About the Macro Economic Trends and Risks category


Thank you. How about the board rules?

Hi Wendy…click latest when you are in the METAR board and check out the Announcements on the right…you can edit the FAQs and if you want to write up the rules, I’ll post them there.

It seems like what you see depends not only on where you are, but also on how you got there.

I am clearly in the METaR board, but as for the instructions above to “click latest”… there is no “latest” anywhere on the screen except within that message (and this one, now).


Yeah you are correct the Latest link does not appear in the topic view, the easiest way to get there from this view is to click the name of the sub-category at the top of the topic…