What are the odds that

the 56th Speaker of the House won’t be the 45th POTUS?

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I would think he is a mite busy right now. But, you do bring up a point: the Speaker does not need to be a member of the House. What is Newt doing these days? He’s 80 now. Fit right in with the ruling elite. From media reports, the chronic budget dramas started in the late 90s, when Newt was Speaker.

The news, with full snark, pointed out that, now, three GOP Speakers, in a row, have been hounded out by the extreme wing of their own party.

Steve…humming the banana song


Nah. This banana song. Unfortunately, seems no-one uploaded the one I remember, where a giant banana unpeels to reveal a woman inside singing the song.

Rupert Murdoch for Speaker the best Australia has to offer.