What Do You Use Your Primary Care Physician For?

@MarkR no fasting required.

It was at 1:30pm. It went well. This time it was really easy a clean bill of health.

A tiny bit winded. I saw the APN.

I was not entirely happy. She wanted me to schedule next year. She is on the spot because the doctor will not throw away a billable. I opted not to see the doctor next year. He told me last year I had no problems. I have zero plaque.

Frankly, it was not bad treatment but it was awkward treatment. Both the tech and nurse were not easy going or any real fun. They had their orders. Neither of them listened to things correctly or offered any decent as if in the room opinions. Just no problems but the discussion of having me coming next year left me feeling somewhat uncertain. They were not listening to their words or the doctor’s words. I hate being sold on things. I hate more being sold on medical care. I was not sold of course but I had to bury a slight resentment. That sucks.

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A few more puzzle pieces here …

A quicker breakdown…

The Canadians have all the luck (along with the Dutch). They’re talking about me on this one…those patients whose LDL-C appears “satisfactory” (depending on how permissive your use of the word):rage: