What to do about FSLY?

Thanks to the Fools who backed and expanded on my “Fastly - Four Concerns” reply.

There is no doubt that there are concerns regarding FSLY. Saul made a quick exit and switch to NET. Quick decision making is the hallmark of a good manager. But we are not here to copy Saul, we are here to learn from Saul and from each other. I read all the Fastly posts which contained lots of good bull and bear arguments. Thank you all! Time to make up my mind.

Fastly is a growth stock but when uncertainty strikes it reverts to a high volatility trading range like it was from July through September until the uncertainty clears or dissipates. I’ve already set aside some of the great 2020 profits. I’m keeping my FSLY position but I’ll be using covered calls aggressively to generate income and not worry about the shares being called away, one can always buy them back if warranted. Most likely I’ll funnel the excess income to EVs.

Denny Schlesinger


Hi all,

I decided to sell my shares. At a 10% loss :(.

I had almost immediately decided it in the night I got the news about the new guidance (I live in Europe).

The reasons behind are:

  1. the growth story has changed (or has reverted to what it was), and for me the reason to stay was more based on hope in the future tech and hope in usage than on proven growth
  2. there are better growers out there, with a proven track record
  3. I hesitated with AYX, and sold out too late, hurting my returns. It is true it has rebounded since, but my other investments have grown as well, and even more so. I learned my lesson.
  4. it is also about feeling ok with the company. If I can’t sleep thinking about what it will report, then I need to sell.

I may be wrong, but I don’t regret my choice. (I probably will if Big G offers $200 a share :slight_smile:

If I have learned something, it is to get rid of stocks in which you are not comfortable anymore, regardless of the price. That can mean at a loss.

Maybe I am not patient enough. Time will tell.

Best luck to all

Sedi (I am still up 152% pre-market).