Where next for Zoom?

I know a lot of people are asking this and even more are probably anxiously wondering about this question.

I don’t have the answer although I have added my 2 cents worth on a number of threads recently in discussions with folks on this board.

There are basically 3 investor horizons to think about as far as Zoom’s future is concerned.

  1. There’s the usual fun and games concerning the next quarter (due to report on Monday after hours I believe).
  2. There’s the major question over what will happen to Zoom when it has to start lapping the covid era quarters next year. The most alarmist suggestions I have heard/read have been 0-20%. Usually guestimates arrive in a 25-35% ball park.
  3. Then there’s the long term horizon of how the future TAM will evolve for Zoom as it builds in many future capabilities to become more than a videoconferencing app but a potentially de facto communications platform and foundation for unlimited business processes. (Perhaps Zoom should consider out bidding SFDC for Slack!)

Anyhow - a couple of notes were just put out concerning horizons 1 and 2 which make for interesting thinking.


In particular a note from an absolute top ranked analyst (#7 of 14,854), with a 5 star record reckoning that i) Zoom will blow expectations away on Monday and ii) the covid lapping growth rate could still be ~60%!

Interesting food for thought!

Happy thanks giving to all our American board members!


In our Thanksgiving tradition of giving thanks, at least one person mentioned zoom. Maybe its COVID, but there are very few companies that get mentioned at Thanksgiving.

Qazulight (Like Pigrims Pride is required. No Pilgrims, no Turkey, but who gets thanked for the Turkey? It ain’t Pilgrims)