Who doesn't like making airlines refund you your money when a flight gets cancelled?

{{ On Monday, Senator Maria Cantwell and Representative Rick Larsen, both Washington Democrats; Senator Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican; and Representative Sam Graves, a Missouri Republican, unveiled a bipartisan version of the must-pass legislation outlining federal aviation policy. Included in the final bill, which must still pass both chambers of Congress, is a line that creates a right to a refund for airline passengers with a nonrefundable ticket, but requires refunds only “upon written or electronic request of the passenger” — an explicit rejection of the Biden administration’s rule. }}

Congress Is Trying to Stop Automatic Flight Refunds (jacobin.com)

The bipartisan culture of corruption in Washington is very strong.

I just sent the following e-mail to Senator Cantwell’s office.

Dear Senator Cantwell,

I was very disappointed to learn today that you’re working hard in Washington to make it easier for the airlines to screw me. You should be ashamed of yourself.