Whole Chickens

I sometimes use a pressure cooker but the stock comes out cloudy. Just something to be aware of.

I sometimes use a pressure cooker but the stock comes out cloudy.

Clear it with egg whites!

How to Clarify Stock for Soups So Clear You Can See the Bottom of the Bowl



Le Chef

Great idea. Been trying to figure out how to use that Instapot. Such a small container though. I tend to do 6-8 carcasses at one time in a large stock pot.

Do several 20 minutes batches in the Instapot and then simmer in your stock pot to get your thicker consistency.


On Wednesday I bought a whole chicken.

On Thursday I butchered the chicken and wondered if it was worth the effort. I do need a better butcher knife. Made a meal out of the odds and ends. Yesterday I compared prices with chicken breasts, 3.99€ a kilo vs. 2.89€ for whole chicken, 40% more. https://farmandanimals.com/knife-for-butchering-chickens/

On Friday I had my first home butchered chicken dinner. Dice and season a chicken breast (salt, black pepper, garlic powder, turmeric, Italian herbs, olive oil). Stir fry in olive oil. Serve cold as a salad on a bed of farfalle pasta (butterflies) and parboiled broccoli. Wash down with white vine. Nice! https://www.google.com/search?q=farfalle&newwindow=1&…

Today’s adventure, go hunting for a chicken boning knife!

The Captain

Nice recipe Captain!

I find chicken shears – tijeras de pollo – to be extremely useful


mostly because they do such an easy quick job of cutting whole chickens into pieces, and also because they spare your nice sharp knives from being dulled or even damaged on bones and tough cartilage.

david fb

Google maps Nice recipe Captain!

¡Buen provecho!

I’ve never used shears and I’ve never had problems with knives but one does need a honing rod. The cheaper steel ones are good enough for private use but I also don’t have one now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izd2uKN4aJU

Today’s adventure, go hunting for a chicken boning knife!

It did turn into a bit of an adventure. I found a store with Google right close to a metro station. Opens at 10. Real easy to find, walk back in the direction the train came from, take the first right and a it’s just a short walk from there. After walking a few minutes something was not working out. Google maps told me I was further rather than closer! Google maps can be confusing. Paper maps don’t spin around and they don’t grow or shrink so you get an idea of distance. What Google maps was actually telling me was to walk to the end of the street level station and exit on the other side of the tracks.

I got there at 1:45 and it was closed. Was Google wrong? No. They only open from 10 to 1 on Saturdays. Why only three hours? Nice store but closed. I decided to do some exploring on foot instead of taking the metro back. If you think old Boston is confusing you haven’t been to Porto! So I got to see more of Porto. Every house and building seems to be one of a kind. :wink:

The Captain
a friend of mine who used to be a ship’s navigator told me that if you don’t care where you are you can’t be lost…


We brought home a Costco rotisserie today and I put it on the kitchen digital scale. Over 4.25 lbs. For $4.99. Cooked.

This is going to be a week in the mid 90’s and high humidity. Anything I can do to lower the stress on the AC is a good thing. No cooking for me this week.

looking forward to a serious salad tonight, topped with chopped rotisserie meat