anybody else saving on groceries?

Normally I’d take a package of 5 boneless, skinless chicken thighs and marinate them in homemade teriyaki sauce, then grill and serve with a veggie stir fry or steamed broccoli or green beans. Enough for 1 dinner for 2 plus 1 lunch for 2.

The other day I took that same pkg of thighs and made chicken & veg curry (over cauli rice–or use real basmati). It provided 2 dinners for 2 plus a lunch for 2. (By Grabthar’s Hammer–what a savings :wink:

Last week I fixed ma-po tofu. Spicy tofu and ground pork. My homemade ma-po tofu is better than most restaurant Chinese dishes (IMNSHO!). Over rice or cauli-rice. If over real rice, add a vegetable.

I can’t make a habit of pice & beans, pasta & sauce, and the like as carbs don’t love me back (cause overweight). But yesterday I dove into our frozen emergency rations and fixed Trader Joe’s shrimp gyoza with stir fried sugar snap peas. Delish! And easy-peasy.

I’m thawing 4 boneless pork chops for dinner. I could make a stir fry or bake them until well cooked but still juicy and add a vegetable.

I try to buy meat on sale (well, most things on sale, but is it my imagination or are fewer items going on sale these days?).

How about you?

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I forgot to mention that I used the leftover ma-po tofu as the basis for a delicious Chinese soup the next day.

"I try to buy meat on sale (well, most things on sale, but is it my imagination or are fewer items going on sale these days?).

How about you? "

Sales today were the premium price last month or so it seems. Pork products sky-rocketed and
beef is hardly affordable in anything other than ground meat and on occasion a roast might be
a reasonable price.
We buy meat when the sales allow - but have cut back and try to doctor things to make them go

Chicken tends to be somewhat reasonable and can be stretched farther - lately canned chicken
has been put on sale round here - good for chicken salad and chicken/noodle/rice meals that
can be OK for 3 or 4 meals. Again, doctored with veggies and such. Surprising how squash and
cauliflower can extend a meal.

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Carefully buying on sale. Bone-in chicken thighs were on sale for $.97 a pound. Chicken is easy stretched with veggies and potatoes.

We have a small freezer. Mostly, I’ve been using what was already purchased and restocking with sales. I’m choosing not to worry.

We are eating out significantly less than before the pandemic. The price increases are significant.

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How about you?

I’m eating down all the food in the freezer and pantry. Less to transport when I move in July.



Inflation is hitting all sorts of groceries. Grain/feed prices are up. Wheat prices are hitting new highs. Poultry and pork are largely corporate. Beef ranchers complain that middlemen are keeping the gains. They claim higher labor and transportation costs. On the hoof beef goes for about $1.40/lb. Its tough to spend $20 for 3 lb of chuck steak for beef stew. A gallon of chili is much more economical.

War and oil prices are part of the problem.

Aldi had ham this week for $1.49. That’s up from $0.99/lb in distant memory. Corn beef brisket for $2.99/lb, attractive compared $6/lb or so in grocery store ads. Cabbage for $0.49/lb was sold out.

I joined Costco for a look see. 2.5 lb of coffee for $10. Chicken thighs for $0.99/lb. 6 lb frozen lasagna for $5.50. Gas $.20/gal cheaper. 84 day prilosec equiv for $10.

I’ve always thought i needed to spend $500/yr at a wholesale house to afford their annual fee. We shall see if i break even.


I am saving on groceries. I have a $200/month budget to cover everything to have in a home including food. I only use about $125/month now and I will say that I am eating everything that I bought instead
of forgetting it is in the fridge and then it turns to mush.

I am more careful of my meals and have been low-carb since Valentine’s Day. I have lost 20 pounds in 2 months and do not feel hungry. I eat lunch and dinner only and no snacks. I have given up all soda but do use flavor enhancers for water.

I add the savings to my vacation envelope.



I’ve always thought i needed to spend $500/yr at a wholesale house to afford their annual fee. We shall see if i break even.

Keep in mind that you’re entitled to a pro-rated (I think) refund of your membership fee at any time. I know if you do Executive and get the extra 2% annual cash back AND use their credit card, which has REALLY high cash-back %s, it quickly becomes a no-brainer except for all but the smallest-scale households. There are several things we don’t buy there often (fresh vegetables, prescriptions because my work has a mail-order deal but we should take a look at that, gas because it’s only 3-4 cents cheaper per gallon due to ridiculous price-fixing legislation in my state), but our annual ‘Costco cash-back’ refund is almost always more than $400. Last year it was more than double that.

Biggest savings seem to be up front in the medical/personal care consumables. Many people like to also factor in other things like happy/qualified/well-compensated employees (good), the warehouse experience (bad), how efficiently they run their checkout lines (great), parking (bad), and the built-in sustainability of buying less often in larger quantities (as long as what you buy doesn’t rot, good). I’d be interested in hearing more about your savings experience once you’ve had a year to look at it in more detail.


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While restocking, I’m noticing the price increases. Yesterday was a major shopping day: all paper products, isopropyl alcohol, hand sanitizer, laundry soap, condiments, etc… The only item that was in short supply was facial tissue. Very little “real” food which is bought more closely to when used.

I remember when doing a large shopping at trader joe’s cost ~$100. Now it’s ~$130. It seems like it took them longer to raise prices than other places. When they see me struggling a bit with the hubster in tow (advanced dementia), the cashiers always send a colleague to bring me a bunch of flowers. No other store does this–very sweet. And it really does cheer me up.

I haven’t shopped Aldi lately–I should give them a try.

Gas at Costco is the cheapest where I live. What else I buy there: Kirkland chicken broth, kerrygold butter, frozen Phillips crab cakes, cream, shrimp cocktail, rotisserie chicken, jalrsberg, romano, brie, big bag o’ broccoli florets, big bag O’ asparagus, green beans, box of 3 hydroponic Bibb lettuce, bag of avocados, bag of bell peppers, meat–especially their pastured lamb chops from Australia (I marinate them in a little olive oil with pressed garlic, chopped fresh rosemary and thyme, lemon juice and sometimes grated lemon rind, s&p and grill them).

When I need other things at Target, I usually also get some food there.

I have been spoiled by the quality of meat/poultry/fish at Whole Foods but usually just hit the sales there.


Prices at Aldi are rising sharply. Most canned veggies used to be abt $.50; now $0.70. Hot dogs used to be $.79; now $1.19.

You wonder if prices will stabilize at these levels or increase still more.

You wonder if prices will stabilize at these levels or increase still more.

Don’t wonder. There will be additional increases. Inflation is world wide and although may be softening it isn’t going away.


A good reason to stock up when you can. The savings are tax free.

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A good reason to stock up when you can.

But only for items that will be used in a reasonable amount of time.

Or that keep well. Perishables can be ok if you can or freeze them. Some better than others of course.