Why I just had to delete a post

I just had to delete a post which was a summary of a guys portfolio progress. The trouble was that he didn’t say a word, not a word, about any of his companies, what they did, why he liked them, how he analyzed them, or anything like that.

It was all “I really love this stock. I made a bunch of money on my last trade but I haven’t sold out yet,” or something like that. Lots of bragging, and threw in some options, but no discussion of ANY of the companies, just what he did with the stocks.

Sorry, but that is not what this board is for.




Saul, I have lots of respect for you and others who post on this board. I know my analysis is not anywhere near as rigorous as some, but I did say several words about several of the companies and why I like them. That said, if I did not meet the minimum standards for posting on this board, I understand. Thanks again to you and others for creating and maintaining this board.


Philip, I don’t want to make this an argument, but if have a copy go back and look. It was all about what the stock price had done, and the option price, and nothing at al about the company.