Will 10 year Treasury yield reach 5% in 2024?

The 10 year Treasury is a benchmark bond, serving as a reference point for other instruments such as mortgage bonds. The 10 year yield reached 5% in October this year, a rate last seen in 2007. Since October, the yield has come down sharply to about 4.2%.

A higher yield might make fixed income investors happier. A lower yield might make equities more attractive.

In 2024, will the 10 year Treasury yield again reach 5% in 2024?

  • Yes - In 2024, the 10 year Treasury yield WILL again reach 5% or higher.
  • No - In 2024, the 10 year Treasury yield WILL NOT again reach 5%.
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I think this is my most eloquent post.


I’ll just say this: in this poll, every vote is welcome and every vote counts.

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Our forecast is in, the 10 year Treasury yield will not reach 5% in 2024. This interest rate has peaked in the near term so we say.

I look forward to seeing how our modestly crowdsourced forecast performs.

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