Win/Tel replaced by Win/Comm

Once there was Win/Tel, now per chance we may be seeing the beginning of Win/Com, or Windows and Qualcomm chips:…

Microsoft emulating windows as a port to ARM chips using Qualcomm Snapdragon, with hint of what come in the future for servers.

ARM chips will run any Windows based program without adaptation or recompiling. Because it is an emulator, they will not run them quite as well as on an Intel chip, but for most people that probably will not make any difference.

And no, because it is an emulator, these devices are not likely to equal Apple devices for efficiency in either battery life or performance, but then again they will run the entire gamut of Windows software for the past 25 year as if on a desktop, but just a bit slower.

The primary difference between MSFT and Apple I have determined, is that MSFT, such as through the Surface, are creating more creative laptop PCs, whereas, Apple has a laptop, the Mac, but the iPad and the iPhone are entirely different devices, although they can do much that a laptop can do, and the iMacs, although desktop computers, also do different things in exciting ways, even as they do what all the other devices do as well.

So I am not sure this initiative will really impact Apple any, as Apple provides a wholly unique experience thought out its product line, but it will open up and increase the variety of Windows based laptops.

And yes, perhaps be the beginning of Win/Com for those invested in Qualcomm. Next up servers…


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First, it’s pretty clear the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about, confusing x86 and 32/64 bit.

That said, having MS do the emulator is a good thing, but I don’t see it as earth shattering.

Apple’s hurting as they haven’t shown any creativeness in their designs for Laptops and Desktops in a long time. The Surface Pro looks like the kind of desktop Apple should have done. I hope it’s a success that gets MS to continue it with better insides and that other companies start copying.