Working while retired

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Sorry about the paywall. The article was so packed with good info that I couldn’t excerpt it without violating the copyright.

Interesting article, indeed, I retired at 62, company made an 'Offer" I couldn’t resist, DW was still working, a little tight for a while as I sorted out the crazy batches of stocks I’d collected from Ma Bell over nearly 40 years and got them all into an EJ account, sell, keep, merge, etc. Fun time guessing at the Cost basis formats of them.

I thought a bunch of us were going to have a lot of small jobs, consults, etc in telecom, but it folded faster than we thought… So I looked at local hardware shops, retail, but the thought of being on my feet all day killed the thought… OSH, Lowes, HD and a local smaller chain were decent, but I slid past, didn’t bother in the end… Traveled a lot, it work well… Europe, Canada, Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, Spain, Viking river cruises Amsterdam to Budapest, St Pete to Moscow, one Viking Ocean cruise into the Midnight Sun, kept us busy… Really enjoyed the whole Viking experience, too bad all the rivers are all so low now…

Maybe later…


For many volunteering is the best solution. They are usually willing to accommodate your travel plans, etc. And it can get you out of the house working with people. Usually good for your mental health.