Would you buy Nvidia at over $900/share?

I just contributed to my Roth IRA 2 days ago and bought shares of Nvidia at $848/share. I was hoping to put the rest of my contribution into Nvidia as well but today it is over $900/share. I am waiting for a dip but that doesn’t seem likely at this point in the near future. I have been watching it’s value go up by the minute for the last few days. I am afraid if I wait for a dip I will be paying over 1K/share. I could kick myself for not buying it earlier this year when it was 400-500/share.


Yes, last year it was mostly at $450 or so. So now it has doubled.

Buying at the top and hoping for more gains sometimes works. But of course everyone wonders how long the growth can continue. Needs watching.

PE is relatively low due to continued earnings growth.

I was in same place when it first broke $800 a little bit back, but I was rebalancing, so I had to buy some at that price. It was under for little bit and… I spent days trying to tell myself that I still made the right decision.

I was a bit lucky in that I had other positions that needed the rest of the money, so I didn’t have money just sitting there not doing anything.

Just saying I was in that same boat two weeks ago. I personally do not think it will stay here in the short term (2-3months) but if they make it through next earnings season it will come right back.

Sorry, not helping am I, but those are questions we all have to deal with.

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Watching the stock today, it has gone from a high of 972 to a low of 884. The price is changing so fast I would have to set a buy limit. I wonder what caused it to jump so high and then take a dump?