Years 2 Replenish Stingers/Javelins…
The United States has shipped about a third of its existing arsenal of Stinger anti-air and Javelin anti-armor missiles to Ukraine – systems that are not quickly replaced – two experts on Pentagon buying said Tuesday.

Testifying before the Senate Armed Service Committee, Ellen Lord, who served as the Defense Department’s top acquisition official, said Stingers cannot be replaced “within the next couple of years” because its production line has been shut down. Even simple items, such as diodes, used to regulate voltage for these systems could be difficult to obtain.

“Even with Javelin, we are probably five years” away from replenishing that stock despite its manufacturing line remaining open, she added.

Building up the stockpile of munitions has “usually been the billpayer” in Pentagon spending plans, and the United States is paying that price now, Lord said. She said that billpaying has included not making investments to modernize everything from existing infrastructure to tooling.



Other news stories are saying the weapons systems are often not making it to the front lines.

Be careful though.

In Gulf War I the NYT ran an article about an old man in the army way out along the lines facing Iraq. The story was a few pages in. The Iraqis clearly read the NYT. Iraq was not defending the old man’s segment of the line opposing Iraq.

What happened was like an American football game. The old man with his fellow men moved aside and the US army went up through the center. No Iraqi resistance at all.

The play here? IF IF IF a planted story Russia tries a major offensive. That is also in the news. Along with Ukraine planning a major offensive in the news.

Such an offensive for Russia would leave a huge number of soldiers without supplies. Ukraine would counter. But goading Russia? Game on!! Even the NYT will play.

Where are those weapons really?