You are entitled to your health records now

I’m not sure about other parts of the country, but medical labs around here (some belonging to vast chains) do not easily release the results of tests to patients/customers, but say “ask your doctor, we send them there”.

I just received this attached to an email which explains why some of them, all of a sudden, have allowed seeing the results on a customer portal:

Starting April 5th, consistent with the requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act patients immediate, digital access to virtually all new test results and clinical notes via Patient Portal. Virtually all results will be automatically released to patients as soon as they are available in gGastro.

There are 5 exceptions to release of results and notes:

  1. Patient or proxy preference
  2. Specific and identifiable risk to life or physical safety
  3. Substantial and identifiable risk of harm to patient or others
  4. For a minor, a detrimental effect on provider’s professional relationship; their care and treatment; or on the minor’s relationship with their parents or guardian
  5. Explicitly precluded by research protocol