You Bet Your Company

I think it was @eachus who would call each major generation of chips “You Bet Your Company,”…

“I’ve bet the whole company on 18A.” So, says Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger in the most deadpan, matter-of-fact manner imaginable. He’s not glib. He’s not joking. Everything rides on Intel’s 18A process according to Gelsinger.

Intel’s CEO made the comment during a recent interview with TechTechPotato. And we can’t help but notice that Gelsinger was even less equivocal this time than when he addressed precisely the same subject late last year.

As we noted at the time, he stopped just short of saying he was betting the company on 18A. “Betting the entire company? I don’t know that I’d go all that way,” he said in November. “But this is the biggest bet we have ever made as a company because it also puts incredible stress on the financials of the company,”


And in particular, he would say something like “You pull the trigger on a revolver with 1 bullet in it held to your head, and three years later you learn if you blew your brains out”. (paraphrased)


yep. that’s the phrase.

Hope he’s okay out there.