I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only one who took a small position in ZIOP. Here we are with the stock up 12.5% so far today, and no one has said as much as “Wow!”

Thanks again to Bulwinkl and the others who brought Kite and Zio to the board.



Yesterday Cramer spoke about Kite on his show, and spoke highly of it.

As of right now I am not in KITE or ZIOP, have been burned by this group in the past, it is just too risky. Congrats on your picks so far though, they have done well. Those stocks can get cut in half or worse at a blink of an eye so don’t stay in too long.



The licensing deal, announced Tuesday at a health care conference, grants biotech company Intrexon and partner ZIOPHARM Oncology the right to produce and ultimately market treatment that was developed for human use at M.D. Anderson from basic science research conducted at the University of Minnesota. The treatment uses gene therapy to customize patients’ immune cells, known as T cells, to find and kill cancer cells.

I remember now, the local papers announcing the partnership over a year ago. Thanks to Bulwinkl, Saul, and others for getting me to buy shares a month ago.


I’m still holding both and enjoying the pop. I wonder if ZIOP’s price action is due to someone having them in their crosshairs. I’d actually be surprised if either ZIOP or KITE are independent a year from now.

For those of you sitting on the sidelines waiting for inspiration, best to take a small position now. The news fairy seldom gives a invitations to biotech parties. CAR-T will likely be a key therapy for the foreseeable future, and major pharma knows it. After a takeover announcement, it will be too late.

For those of you who feel any amount of biotech is too risky for you, don’t invest. This is a America. For those of you willing to take a shot, do your homework and keep your investments small. Overtime, a well researched basket of biotechs can contribute meaningfully to your returns.




I’m in with a starter position. However, I see we’re down nearly 5% today.