ZOOM in Telemedicine

A thread at NPI (thanks Jcro!) made me aware of ZOOM in Telemedicine, they’ve been at it for over two years! Note the date of the linked article, January 24, 2018. Why is it important? It goes by several names: path dependence, first mover advantage, brand name recognition…

Why Integrating Telehealth Video Tools with EHRs Streamlines Care
Integrating telehealth video tools with EHRs can streamline communication and data sharing for clinicians and patients.

January 24, 2018 - Telehealth adoption rates are growing and organizations continue to add technology to their telehealth programs. This increases the need for telehealth video tools that are HIPAA compliant and easy to use.

Video conferencing is a large part of telehealth. Patients may need to communicate with their doctors from home or clinicians will conference in with providers from other healthcare organizations. Healthcare video conferencing tools need to be streamlined and easy to use for patients and clinicians, while also streamlining the process by integrating with other health IT infrastructure tools.

Zoom announced the release of its cloud-based telehealth video service that integrates with Epic EHR. The video solution aims to help organizations with virtual patient care workflows, remote patient monitoring, remote specialist visits, population health management, and care coordination.


Saul often posts “What did I do today, and why?” I’m going to paraphrase President Kennedy: “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for yourself.” If you do well, so does your country. In the military they say that offense is the best defence. I’ve been using this strategy lately and while “the market” is down around 30% YTD my portfolio is down only 2.8% YTD.

Covid-19 will be with us for some time and some products and services will benefit by providing the tools to deal with it. At this time my portfolio has five stocks that are in this category, more or less in order of confidence:

ZM    Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
TDOC  Teladoc Health, Inc.
EVBG  Everbridge, Inc.
TEAM  Atlassian Corporation Plc.
DOCU  DocuSign Inc.

Unlike Saul, I do use options (covered calls) which offer an income stream and downside protection but also tend to blunt the upside as a consequence. This is not to discuss options but to suggest that without the options my portfolio might be matching Saul’s up 4.2% YTD instead of down 2.8%

I might well be mistaken but I sense sufficient general market “capitulation” and what looks like possible bottoms for Saul stocks that I’m going to be more aggressive with the calls, lower premiums and higher strike prices. This is how the covid five have done over the past six months


If anyone has suggestions to add to these five, I would truly appreciate it…

And don’t forget to wash your hands!

Denny Schlesinger

Jcro’s NPI post: https://discussion.fool.com/hi-i-work-in-telemedicine-licensed-i…

About Saul’s RedViolet, it’s a smart man who recognizes his mistakes and a brave man who admits them in public. Well done Saul!


Thanks for posting and bringing this to us. I did some research as to compete in this space, these providers have to offer HIPAA compliant solutions. Well Zoom does and already has providers using it…

Some links to the source:

Apparently the NIH and John Hopkins are two that use in some fashion.