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Here are some Youtube videos from Zoom video. (If these are too fluffy, just let me know). I was interested in learning more about Zoom Phone, and found a nice summary. Also, there’s a nice overview video from the CEO.

Zoom Phone

This is very interesting. Basically an ad for Zoom Phone


Zoom CEO Eric Yuan


Yuan is the #1 CEO on Glassdoor in 2018. (Maybe I found out about that here?) I can’t really describe why, but he comes across as very likeable.

Zoom YouTube Channel
There are a ton of videos here. (I guess that’s only appropriate for a video company.)
Apparently they host an event called Zoomtopia. That is perhaps even a more fun name for an event than FoolFest.

Uh, video killed the radio star?


My favorite exercise is Zumba. Maybe that’s why I feel an affinity with ZM. Zoom!

Long ZM (tiny amount!) Long GOOG (Youtube)



Thanks for the video. I now know what the hub-bub is about. What a slick package. I would have killed for something like this when I was in sales. this is making me re-think my decision to stay out.


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The first time I heard of Zoom was back in December or so. Michael Zuber of One Rental at a Time wanted to interview me. He told me he used an app called Zoom for his interviews.

Lo and behold, Zoom was already on my small 7 inch tablet.

I did a test and it worked.

I set my tablet up on a cardboard box and we did the interview.

Here it is.


Does anyone have any thoughts on it?

This is off topic, but I’m now up to having 10 rental units very soon.

Fool on,


All positions are listed in my profile


I spent 5 minutes and they never got through the lag and the greetings.

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