ZS, OKTA & CRWD -Top 10 Co’s

Good overview article from TMF of top 10 cyber security companies and growth of cyber security market.




Interesting read, thanks.

They left little $5.55B Cyberark (CYBR) off the list. But it has been rewarding for me. I’m also invested in CHKP, and I have small positions in ZS and CRWD. I’ve been meaning to reduce my position in CHKP, and I was going to grow either ZS or CRWD, not sure which one yet.

Invest wisely my friends

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Ditto. This is actually a good intro for anyone not already invested in cyber security or at least without the primary overview.

I have also been in CyberArk together with Fortinet and Palo Alto for a few years and more recently Okta, ZS and CRWD with a combined 12% of my US portfolio invested in Cyber Security split roughly 50/50 between the “old guard” and “new guard” which I’m broadly happy with although I’m intending to reallocate my Fortinet holding across to the new guard as it is sliding off the hyper growth curve and not shifting across to the cloud as aggressively as Palo Alto (although full credit to them, Fortinet did manage its shift to subscriptions and business build out to perfection).

“Old Guard” are each up 200-250% for me whilst “New Guard” are each up ~50% except Okta which is also a 200%+ gainer.


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