10 healthy, growing companies that can help you

Market watch published a nice list of fast growing EPS companies, something of interest to this board.

SYNA and SWKS shows up, others are new to me.



In addition to SWKS, I also own WD and GILD on that list (GILD has been discussed extensively on the board). I’d been planning on doing a writeup on WD one of these days, but haven’t gotten around to it.


Thanks Neil.

WD looks really interesting… very high growth rate… right place at right time…

I am curious since you are knowledgeable in this field you have done some work

  • do you trust the management?
  • do you think the growth can sustain for a couple of years more?
    Analyst expectations on Yahoo finance show revenue growth to drop down to 5% in a year from now, although the growth has been like 50% a year since last couple of years!!