10x Portfolio for 2022

Does anyone have any idea when the first allocation round for the 10x Portfolio in 2022 will be?

I/we paid our membership fees back in mid March, and have yet to hear anything from the portfolio leads.

Am I missing emails?
What’s going on?

You do realize, don’t you? that you’re paying $2k/yr for stock tips you could have gotten free from any broker or by running scans at any of dozens of websites?

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Hi, MotleyWesTheFool.

As you may have guessed from the response so far, this is a public discussion board. I would encourage you to join your service community by selecting the 10X service from the My Services menu in the upper right corner, then selecting Community from the More menu. There you can find out more details of the 10X 2022 portfolio.

In response to Fools who felt they received too many emails, TMF requires that Fools opt-in to beign receiving emails from their premium services, and you can control your other communications settings here:


That said, you should receive notice of official recommendations releases regardless of your selected email settings. If you feel you are not getting expected communications, you can contact Member Services at support@fool.com for assistance.

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Thank you for your help, Fuskie!

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Arindam, Thanks for the insightful tips… :rofl:


You’re quite welcome. I’m always happy to help.