FoolFest '22 sessions

Hi Fools-

Any chance The Fool could set aside a time for a breakout group to discuss/update abandoned Fool Portfolios? In particular, I’d love to hear from other Starshot19 and “640x Decade” investors to hear some opinions. In fact, considering the new CHIPS bill and the worsening China/US relationship, I’d love to hear some discussion about shifts on opinions on where to invest to capitalize on the rest of the 640x decade.

Thanks in advance.

-Steve B.

Hi, Steve. I’ll pass this along, but I think the agenda is set for this year. Could be an interesting subject for Motley Fool Live, though.

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Thanks Fuskie!

I’ll try to post to the appropriate discussion board in the future. Sadly, I have been very, very unsuccessful navigating the discussion boards. The only boards I successfully tracked were for the “640x Decade” and Starshot19, which were closed and access to historical posts eliminated. (hence my original query :slight_smile: )

As for Motley Fool Live, the scheduling does not fit my availability at all. I don’t get the morning brief every day and adjust my schedule to the offerings. I do better with content I can access asynchronously- podcasts, articles, boards, rather than real time. When I have accessed Motley Fool Live, my questions never rise to the level that they are covered by the hosts. Sigh.

Thanks again for the reply.

-Steve B.
a.k.a.Daisy Dad

Hi Steve,

So, while you may not be able to access Motley Fool Live “live”, it is available asynchronously. There are some great mindset videos that are good to listen to anytime. A lot of small updates on companies are “clipped” and can be found on the snapshot page for your favorite company. All of the companies recommended in 640x decade and starshot19 should have discussion boards and snapshot pages.

I recommend adding all the companies in those two “portfolios” that you own or are interested in, onto your “watchlist” (you can do that on the watchlist page or the snapshot pages). You can find the watchlist page here –

The watchlist will then create a curated list of content associated with those companies in the sidebar of the watchlist page.