2 stocks exposed to UPST are soaring!

CUBI & INTU stocks both continue to significantly outperform their own sectors by large amounts and both have realized boosts as a result of UPST related rapid growth in loans.

CUBI is a well managed small bank that i think pretty much uses only UPST for personal loans. INTU, as most of you know recently purchased Credit Karma, has benefited considerably due to UPST as was highlighted in the recent Q conference call.

Financial institutions teaming up with UPST are doing very well, and much better than those that don’t.

I bought starter positions in both companies about 6 months ago and have realized outstanding results. This is small consolation in an incredibly humbling time for my hypergrowth software dominant portfolio, but it adds additional assurance that the excellent prospects for UPST in 2022 and beyond remain in tact.


Do you have data to shares that backs your assertions for these “soaring” socks?


CUBI 17.32 to 59.82 last 12 months.
INTU 353.47 to 672.12 last 12 months.

I’ll go with their assertation of soaring.


I was curious when you said Upstart was mentioned on the Intuit ER call, but I can’t seem to find it.

At least not in this transcript:

Was it somewhere else?


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“I was curious when you said Upstart was mentioned on the Intuit ER call.”

I’m reluctant to clutter the board with replies to questions regarding incidental points, but I what i said was meant to say, IIRC, CC referred to Credit Karma’s stellar performance which I thought was generally known here that an increasingly material part of Credit Karma business is due to UPST referrals.

Doubt it is in the interests of Credit Karma or Intuit to single out Upstart.

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Yes, these stocks have done well, and may be good investments, but they are not high growth stocks - and discussion of these do not fit the topic and intent of this board.
INTU YoY growth - 22%
CUBI YoY growth - 18%

High growth is based on company metrics, not stock price.