2014 Internet Trends

Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report is here -


Some key findings :

Internet user growth has slowed below 10%, smartphone growth is still strong but slowing.

But mobile data traffic is accelerating—up 81% year-over-year—thanks to video, where mobile is now 22% of consumption.

Only 30% of the world’s 5.2 billion mobile users have smartphones—still room for growth.

There are still more global TV users (5.5 billion) than mobile phone (5.2 billion).

97% of smartphone share OS “made in USA” vs. 5% in pre-iPhone era.

Mobile advertising is still underperforming vs. time spent on mobile devices, whereas print is still significantly overperforming.

About 5 million Bitcoin wallets exist, up 8 times year-over-year.

Tinder users “swipe” 800 million times per day, up 21 times year-over-year.

66% of U.S. tablet owners are surfing the web while watching TV. 44% are shopping.

52% of ESPN’s digital users access only on smartphones and tablets, representing 48% of time spent.

China’s mobile Internet users now ~80% of total China Internet users. More critical mass for mobile web than anywhere, and leading mobile commerce revolution.

Six of top 10 Internet properties “made in USA”—down from 9 of top 10 last year—with more than 86% of their users outside America. “China rising fast.”