Mobile Data Consumption

Sara Fischer Jun 16
Mobile data consumption will soon surpass fixed broadband

U.S. smartphone data use will surpass fixed broadband use for the first time next year, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ latest Media and Entertainment outlook. By 2021, mobile data consumption is expected to eat up nearly 38% of all digital data consumption in the U.S., while fixed broadband will take up 27%, roughly 4 percentage points less than it does today.

Why it matters: As consumers spend more and more time on mobile, it’s no surprise that mobile advertising will keep gobbling up the majority of digital spend. The consumption trend is also pushing media and entertainment companies to consider partnerships and mergers with wireless services in order to get programming in front of consumers where they spend most of their time — mobile devices. And the continued explosion in demand for mobile broadband is driving the development of new wireless technologies, such as 5G.

Mobile advertising continues to explode: By 2021, mobile is expected to account for 74.4% of all U.S. internet advertising, per PwC. That’s a huge increase from even two years ago, when mobile accounted for just 34.7% of all digital advertising. Last year was the first year mobile advertising officially surpassed desktop for digital spending.…

Would Hubspot benefit from this growth or does another come to mind that may have more of an opportunity for increased mobile data consumption? This article was from Axios and the link will have a graph showing the growth of mobile data consumption.


As long as people are still driving themselves around, rather than depending on Nvidia and other players in the self-driving industry, I think the smartphone boom will benefit the aftermarket in auto body parts, with the increase in distracted driving. (And there’s an extra special irony in having a fender-bender while using your smartphone’s GPS.)

I was just at Certifit buying a bumper cover a couple of weeks ago. Another company in the field, which also sells used parts, is the rollup LKQ, though I have some questions about how well they run their business.

from that link it’s not just mobile, all data consumption will double by 2021

some companies will make a lot of money All we have to do is find them…