2019 Predictions

From Scott Galloway


"Amazon spins AWS and births one of the 10 most valuable firms.
Spinning AWS will reduce antitrust concerns for Amazon. The cloud is the fastest-growing part of technology, and there is no pure-play way to play it. At the spin, these two firms could be worth more than as a whole.

Amazon begins a march toward becoming the most valuable healthcare company in the world.

VR and crypto go from bad to worse. AI fails to live up to the hype. 3D printing rises from the ashes. Smart cameras become a hot category.

Snap is the walking dead. It will be cut in half … again.

Twitter also cut in half. 60% of Twitter hot topics content is generated by bots and foreign agents, and two-thirds of all shared links are by bots.

Every digital media firm other than Facebook, Google, and Amazon Media Group loses share. Lots of great firms (Refinery29, Buzzfeed) begin to show signs of asphyxiation as the oxygen continues to be sucked out of the room.




AWS spinoff inevitable?

personally I think that anti monopoly action against Amazon (and even more so against Google) is way overdue. But it’s not likely as long as the campaign "donations"keep flowing.
Would a voluntary spinoff of AWS lead to stockholder benefitting? At some point the base Amazon retail business will switch to profit mode.
Alexa has become a member of the household for many, ranking long with family pets. Maybe better, we talk to both but only Alexa answers back.
How did Apple blow their lead so badly?

I think AMZN may be worth looking at despite the fact that everybody knows about it.


Amazon is 49% of US online sales, of which 53% are third-party sales. They are 5% of total sales, so really 2.5% of retail is actually sold by Amazon.

Walmart is 2nd in online sales.

$1 of every $40 bucks.

Anti-trust has only ever been brought for harm to consumer. Amazon is NOT harming consumers and its laughable to think that it is.