2107 End of Year Results for TracyK

TracyK’s portfolio at the end of 2017

My oh my, what a year it has been! Thanks to the cooperation from the board participants, and my own research I managed to have a great year. My portfolio closed up 35.9%

I liked that Saul included the last 10 years for a longer term perspective. From 2007-2017, I’m up 187.4%. As an interesting side note, if I break even in 2018 and examine the results from 2008-2018 – I would be up 335%! Like Saul pointed out – 2008 was simply dreadful. And who knows? 2018 could be a lousy year too. The benefit for me going through this exercise is that I’ve managed to do well, and I know I can improve since I have come to understand how better to invest and combine that with my personality/risk tolerance.

My Top Stocks in % Growth:
XPO (XPO Logistics) +105%
SHOP (Shopify) +99%
NVDA (Nividia) +91%
BLUE (Bluebird Bio) +89%
ANET (Aristia Networks) +80%
ABMD (Abiomed) +76%
PAYC (Paycom) +74%
EPAM (EPAM Systems) +67%
NTNX (Nutanix) +58%
ATVI (Activision Blizzard) +57%
ALGN (Align) +52%
ISRG (Intuitive Surgical) +43%
MA (Mastercard) +42%

My Top Stocks in % Holdings:
NFLX (Netflix) 19.5%
AAPL (Apple) 6.6%
GOOG/L (Alphabet) 4.8%
BRK-B (Berkshire Hathaway) 4.4%
MFA (MFA Financial) 3.2%
NVDA (Nividia) 2.9%
SWKS (Skyworks) 2.9%
AMT (American Tower) 2.8%
AYX (Alteryx) 2.8%
NTNX (Nutanix) 2.6%
TREE (Lending Tree) 2.5%
MELI (Mercado Libre) 2.3%
ANET (Arista Networks) 2.2%
ABMD (Abiomed) 2.1%

61.6% of the portfolio

December activity:
Purchased TREE and AYX

I want to give a special shout-out to GauchoChris and his recent post (#35449). He lists attributes that can makes each of us a better investor. I printed the post, and I have it near my computer. #12 and #13 are the best:

• Be willing to help and teach others
• Have an open mind

Thanks to all, and here’s to a great 2018!