TracyK's portfolio through July, 2018

Hello fellow investing community members,

Here are my results through July:

Tracy’s portfolio is up 31.4%
S&P = +5.3%
NASDAQ (.ixic) = +11.1%
Russell 2000 (iwm) = +8.8%

Top ten stocks - % growth:
CRSP (CRISPR Therapeutics) +103%
ABMD (Abiomed) +89%
SQ (Square) +86%
TTD (Trade Desk) +84.4%
SQ (Square) +77%
NFLX (Netflix) +75%
TDOC (Teledoc) +71%
ALGN (Align) +61%
AYX (Alteryx) +54%
MDB (MongoDB) +50%
HUBS (Hubspot) +42%

Top ten holding in % holdings:
First: NFLX (Netflix) 24.7%
Second: AAPL (Apple) 5.7%
Third: MFA (MFA Financial) 4.1%
Fourth: AYX (Alteryx) 3.3%
Fifth: ABMD (Abiomed) 3%
Tied for Sixth: Nutanix (NTNX) and NVDA (Nividia) 2.8%
Seventh: CASH ($$) 2.4%
Eighth: TLND (Talend) 2.3%
Ninth: SQ (Square) 2.2%
Tenth: ALGN (Align) 2%

55.3% of total portfolio

Results at the end of each month:
January +5.9%
February +20%
March +20%
April + 20%
May +26%
June +36%
July +31%

July activity:
Bought PVTL (Pivotal Software)
Bought AAXN (Axon Enterprise). Great story on a Motley Fool Podcast.
Bought IQ (iQiyi). Another interesting story on a Motley Fool Podcast.
Bought ZS (Zscaler)

Sold BLUE (Bluebird Bio)
Sold V (Visa)
Sold XPO (XPO Logistics). This was one of my top 10 performing stocks in 2017.



Congrats, it would be nice, however, if you would also post your thoughts about portfolio allocations etc. instead of just the statistical info.

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Congrats, it would be nice, however, if you would also post your thoughts about portfolio allocations etc. instead of just the statistical info.

And tell us a word about the stocks and why you like them as much as you do. For example you have a 25% position in Netflix and your next highest is about 5% or 6%. Do you really think that Netflix is 4 or 5 times better than your next best company. Do you really think the risk is worth it to have one company have such an impact on your portfolio (for good or bad)? Twenty-five percent for one company is a bunch, especially when you don’t have other large positions for counter-weights, but just a school of minnows.




You’re right, iSquirrel, and that’s what I enjoy about others posting their results. Will you do the same?

Thank you, Saul. You’re right to question… May I call myself a human? I have reduced my exposure to NFLX twice this year. Let me wrap my head around why I am where I am at this point. “know thyself.”

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Saul, I thought more about your question of Netflix and minnows. At one time, NFLX was one of my minnows. I think my original investment was $4,500. I basically ignored the stock for the first 8 years I owned it (purchased in 2007). As I began to learn another form of investing (reading and understanding growth stocks), I turned my attention to the companies that I already owned. I slowly began to eliminate the stalwarts: Berkshire Hathaway, Costco, Buffalo Wild Wings, O’Reilly, etc. But Netflix…I believe in their story. Do I believe in their story more than my “minnows?” I believe in both at this time. I have sold a bit of Netflix - once last year, and again this year. 25% is a lot of exposure, if their story changes (or if I change my style of investing) - I will consider reducing my exposure. Through June - NFLX was up over 100% (through July it’s up 75%). I have one other stock up over 100% YTD: CRSP.

Thank you for the thoughtful question; it certainly helped me put into words “why I’m doing what I’m doing.” Not sure I’m right, it’s the way I’m seeing it at the moment.




When I have some actual results to report, I’ll do that and comment on my positions too.

Anyway, I also changed my old handle to something more meaningful:)