29-yr-old Google Ai machine learning PhD gives masterclass in FIRE

This caught my eye.

{{ In 2022, we traveled so much that I was outside the US for 11 months, thereby qualifying as a US nonresident. This meant I could sell all my stocks, without paying US capital-gains taxes. }}

Is that only because he’s here on a Green Card, or can patriotic, native-born Americans get in on that kind of tax avoidance action? {{ LOL }}

Other important point is that Mr. George maintains a small real estate footprint and has nothing “invested” in a poorly appreciating single family home.



You are putting your agenda ahead of reading things.


I did the math and realized that after a couple of years of saving I could easily go back to India and retire if I wanted to.

The guy has $2 MM. There are lots of places in the US where you can retire on that.


Filing a return (of some type) is required for people (US citizens or not) who claim US residency. That might include not being required to file a return but rather to notify the IRS (on their form–whatever it is) that you were not a “resident of the US” (per IRS rules) for that year. Talk to a tax pro who specializes in this area. Worth every penny spent.

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