3D map of global population



I read yesterday, to my surprise, that India is/ or will become the most populous country on the planet some time in 2023. It’s partly a function of China’s 1-child policy a couple decades ago and the continuing high birth rate in India.


I am surprised by African and Central America.

I am surprised by the lack of population in Europe.

The demands in the northern hemisphere change the strategy and tactics for everyone. The winters and cooler weather are important. Personally on a longer hotter day I do less.

Wow, the same here!

Actually, on longer colder days I do less, too.

And longer temperate days.

I also do less on shorter days regardless of the temperature.

I think I’m detecting a trend ………


Something tells me I am a work-a-holic.

Something else tells me I am a work in progress.

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