5G Push by New Verizon CEO

Will be very intere$ting and exciting to say the very least to see how the 5G push at Verizon and others impacts many of the companies we follow and in which we invest here on Saul’s board.

Verizon names new CEO to lead 5G push


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Skyworks Solutions might be my favorite 5G play…but my base of closely followed stocks is limited. I also currently hold some Sierra Wireless, but am likely jettisoning it from my portfolio late this month.

TMFCochrane follows Skyworks pretty closely too, and is a frequent visitor to this board.

Skyworks is on sale a bit today, due to a warning from Apple to suppliers to expect about a 20% drop from last year’s iPhone parts orders.

long SWKS; long SWIR, but likely not for too much longer


Skyworks has been “dead money” for a while now. Yet another discarded Saul stock…

I still have some shares. I’ve been rolling some Puts as the stock hasn’t appreciated enough for them to expire over what seems like several months.

The potential for IoT things driven by technologies like 5G is the kind of story that may get people into SWKS, and maybe that’s what’s keeping me in it, but I may just decide to close it all out when this latest “sale” is over. There are other hardware related companies that I think are better. And of course, the hot stocks today are SaaS - we’ll see if that lasts.