Skyworks article

A very nice article on Skyworks:

snip_… Apple will still provide plenty of iPhones to consumers, and Skyworks will still receive enough orders from Apple to continue its revenue and earnings growth. Arguing this point is almost [irrelevant] anyway, considering the impending release of the iPhone 7 which will boost Apple’s revenue and profits right back to the top, with Skyworks caught in the tailwind._

And even if Apple were experiencing major problems, Skyworks has been busy diversifying its revenue streams with design wins for Samsung and smartphone suppliers in China. Skyworks management also emphasizes that the company is well positioned to reap the benefits of the Internet of Things revolution. Radio frequency devices will be key to make the revolution a reality, and there will be plenty of opportunity to go around for the company to grab a piece of the pie.

SWKS will likely open Wednesday’s trading session lower, and I will probably add to my long position if this is the case. Skyworks has long-term growth potential, a flawless balance sheet, and an undervalued stock. Count me in!..…