7 JAN 22 - EOW Indices, Commodities, PMs, etc.

End of Week Updates Monthly/Weekly charts
Friday, 7 JAN 22
for the following:

$COMPQ    Nasdaq
$RUT      Russell 2000
$SPX      S&P 500
$USD      US Dollar
$UST10Y   10 Year Bond 
$UST20Y   20 Year Bond
$UST30Y   30 Year Bond 
$KBE      S&P Bank Sector
$CRB      Commodities
$BDI      Baltic Dry Index
$TRAN     Dow Jones Transportation Avg.
$WTIC     Light Crude
$BRENT    Brent Crude
$GASO     Gasoline (new)
$NATGAS   Natural Gas
$ICLN     Clean Energy ETF
$LIT      Lithium ETF
$REMX     Rare Earth Strategic Metals
$HYDR     Hydrogen ETF
$COPPER   Copper
$COPX     Copper Miners
$SLX      Steel ETF
$JJU      Aluminum ETN
$JETS     Airlines ETF 
$DRIV     Autonomous & EV ETF
$LUMBER   Lumber
$PAVE     U.S. Infrastructure ETF
$SMH      Semiconductors
$BOTZ     Robotics & AI  ETF
$XBI      Biotech
$DBA      Agriculture
$COFFEE   Coffee
$GOLD     Gold
$GDX      Gold Miners 
$SILVER   Silver
$SIL      Silver Miners


Biggest Gainers to Biggest Losers for the week ending 7 JAN 22

Symbol   Name                   7 JAN

$UST10Y  10 Year Treasury      +15.79%
$UST30Y  30 Year Treasury      +11.05%
$UST20Y  20 Year Treasury      +10.82%
$KBE     Bank ETF               +8.65%
$LUMBER  Lumber                 +7.44%
$COFFEE  Coffee                 +5.46%
$BRENT   Brent Crude            +5.34%
$JETS    Jets ETF               +5.31%
$SLX     Steel                  +5.00%
$NATGAS  Natural Gas            +4.99%
$WTIC    Light Crude            +4.91%
$JJU     Aluminum ETN           +3.81%
$GASO    Gasoline               +3.34%
$BDI     Baltic Dry Index       +3.25%
$CRB     Commodities Index      +2.38%
$COPX    Copper Miners          +1.76%
$DBA     Agriculture Fund       +0.46%
$DRIV    Autonomous & EV ETF    +0.13%
$USD     US Dollar              +0.13%
$COPPER  Copper                 -1.20%
$TRAN    Dow Jones Transports   -1.27%
$PAVE    Infrastructure         -1.53%
$GOLD    Gold                   -1.71%
$SPX     S&P 508                -1.87%
$REMX    Rare Earth Metals      -2.16%
$IWM     Russell 2000           -2.87%
$SMH     Semiconductor ETF      -3.85%
$SILVER  Silver                 -4.04% 
$LIT     Lithium ETF            -4.05%
$COMPQ   Nasdaq Composite       -4.53%
$BOTZ    Robotics & AI ETF      -5.68%
$GDX     Gold Miners ETF        -6.31%
$ICLN    Clean Energy ETF       -7.13%
$SIL     Silver Miners ETF      -7.36%
$HYDR    Hydrogen ETF           -7.57%
$XBI     Biotech ETF            -8.01%