$80 Billion probably isn't enough


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The irs has a huge backlog of work from the Covid shutdowns. That delays refunds and anything that requires submitting paperwork that needs manual attention.

They could also use updated software and equipment. Manpower to answer the phone when you have a question.

It may be good politics to squeeze resources to block audit capacity, but personally I think that is dumb politics. Better to get those with deep pockets to abide by the law and pay their share (in spite of all their special loopholes).


Try this:


Thanks for tracking down a more available link. They basically say the same things with only minor differences in details.

Stories from the Times or the Post are often syndicated elsewhere and can be found without a paywall if you look hard enough Even then many sites summarize and recap, so you can get the general gist if you’re interested. Most of one group has already decided that the IRS is evil, so it doesn’t matter if certain taxpayers get away with paying nothing even though that actually hurts everybody.

You can see the “all government is bad” philosophy playing out slowly: at the IRS, whose creaking IT systems are a joke, in the cancellation of every flight in America just days ago because of underfunding of the FAA (again, IT), and of other agencies whose job it is to keep the machine running.

Yet the US has one of the lowest tax rates of any developed country on the planet, and somehow it’s not good enough. Bah. I hope I’m gone when the whole creaking mess comes to a screeching halt, it will make 2008 look like a picnic.


Have a like but the Millennials and Zs are beginning a process of rewarding themselves highly to rebuild the country.

Our generation wanted to rebuild it on lower taxes. Be nice if the boomers en masse had any clue what we were doing. We dont.